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Wow! It must have been a very successful party. I've been to several street parties in Malate when I was single. I missed going to parties like that.


Cute, real cute.


wow the place is packed! i wonder how hot was it inside that place, haha!

btw, where were you based in belgium before? i'm staying near Gent right now, until Feb 2006 :)


that's huge crowds there:-) look like everybody dance and move like crazy, i like the outdoor party,it's lot of fun....great shot:-)


Looks like a New Orleans Mardi Gras crowd!

Chris V.

That looks like quite a party. One thing I've noticed about your site is that you seem to get people completely willing to have you take their picture -- What's your secret?


Now that's a party! Your portrait of the young lady is wonderful.


That's quite a crowd! You really have captured the party atmosphere.

Anna Lyn

I see that I have missed a lot just for a few days....

Nothing like partying in Manila!!!!


That good celebration that was celebrated, we have been able to see it everything wonderfully thanks to your you magnify photos.


that middle guy needs a serious waxing!


Oy!! Wow!! Big teeth, too, by the way there, lol wow


Oh Thats why you have so many subjects.


Oh boy! What a huge crowd - hardly any space to move in. Everyone seems to be having a great time.

Pretty girl(top photo). A pretty girl, right? :)


WOW! WOW! Those pictures are something to look and make me think, " Wow...I need to have fun..once in a while!" Halloween is a big thing in gay community and they love to dress up! Have a good day!


looks like it was a great party! thanks for posting the crowd shot, it really gives the last few posts some context :)


It looks and sounds like a wonderful party! Everyone looks so happy to be there. :-)
It's been AGES since I've celebrated Halloween - I must be missing out on a lot!

Blogger in CH

I agree with Alicia. :-) I like your Halloween self-portrait best! That should be in the main hall of your would-be gallery.


From the crowd shot, it doesn't look like many people dressed up in costumes.


The girl up top definitely has the glamour thing going for her. Sidney you must have hundreds of these Halloween shots :) You should start a gallery or something!

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